Regional revitalization / promotion information site.
Learn about regional revitalization / reconstruction measures realization methods and industry-academia collaboration know-how from JAREC's original information.

What is JAREC?

The purpose of our organization is to conduct research and studies on regional industrial promotion based on science and technology in each region of Japan, and to improve overall regional strength through workshops and research meetings, and to collect and disseminate information related to regional industrial promotion, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the public interest of local communities that are rich in creativity and sustainable development.
The main activities are as follows.

1. Support for Industry/Academia/Government Collaboration and Technology Transfer.

2. Support for the development of regional science and technology.

3. Research and Keen issues Solving

  • Regional characteristics analysis to accelerate innovation.
  • Research on the formation of an integrated information infrastructure.

4. Mutual enlightenment, research exchange, support for wide-area cooperation, etc.

  • Creation of a regional science and technology promotion policy pamphlet.
     *The third edition(vol3) is in preparation for publication.
  • Publication of a list of regional science and technology promotion departments.